What happens when Daddy leaves the little ones alone too long. In my defense, they were being very quite.


Face painting part 2

Another weekend, another face painting adventure! This was received at our church's Family Fall Picnic.


Our annual Halloween block party was yesterday, and the girls had a great time! They enjoyed playing with the other kids and getting their faces painted :-)


Zell on picture day

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes they do not tell the whole story. Zell looks like an angel in these photos, but they do not reveal the trouble she caused that day....

She is cute though.


Halloween preview

The Princess has been kidnapped by a little monster!!



Continuing in the tradition of her lovely mother, Annette is spreading her birthday out over as many days as possible. Today it was her school birthday-day, tomorrow, her actual birthday is a Mommy and me birthday-day, and Saturday is her big party and dinner with her grandparents.


All About Me!!

Annette has never been more excited to go to school than she was today. She had her "All About Me" poster to show to her teaches and friends. She picked out some of the pictures, helped with placement and provided the extra coloring to put it over the top.


The girls have been getting into the Olympics. Swimming, balance beam, looking shifty with Daddy, napping in pike position, and squeezing into the dogs' cages. Not all of these are official Olympic events, but they should be :-)


The red dress Annette's wearing has been passed down to 3 generations - Mormor wore it, then me, and now my little girl! Zell's headband was just passed down from her sister :-)


Mormor and Morfar were back in Houston for a couple of weeks, and the girls loved spending time with them! Today we went to a birthday party where Zell loved the petting zoo and Annette liked looking at (but not riding) the pony :-)


Zell and Annette are having a great summer together! Since school finished they've been spending every day with each other, and Zell's goal in life is to do whatever Annette's doing. We'll see if that includes striking poses for the camera, which is Annette's favorite new game :-)


Happy Father's Day! Kendall celebrated his third Father's Day at the zoo, where the girls rode the carousel and checked out the new water park with their Daddy. Later we went out to dinner with Opa, Grandma Susan, Uncle Nils, Aunt Allison, and cousins Sophia and Isabel :-)


Zelly-Bell is recovering from her second UTI in 2 months, and amazingly still manages to have a smile on her face after being in the hospital this past weekend with high fever and vomiting. The girls showed off their T-shirts from Daddy's work trip to NY last week, and Annette was very excited to get a card from Auntie LoLo in the mail today :-)


Zell is officially walking! She took her first step last Monday, and has already gotten quite proficient at it. Yesterday we went to Monkey Joe's, where Annette climbed up and slid down the big slides all by herself. We're missing Daddy this week since he's in NYC for work, but Annette says he'll take her swimming again when he's home this weekend :-)


The girls enjoyed water-sliding with Daddy at the splash park yesterday :-)